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or nearly 8000 years Georgians have been using ceramic vessels (Qvevri) for wine making. These wines are famous for their stability and exceptional taste, largely achieved without the use of chemicals or preservatives. In contrast to the scientific approach of Western winemakers, the Georgian tradition relies more on intuition and “feel” applied in context to their ancient knowledge, so enhancing a consumer perception of “authenticity” and justly positioning Georgian wines at the high end of the market.

In the West, wine makers are constantly being challenged by wine lovers to provide greater quality and choice and thankfully, though often highly competitive, the industry is flourishing upon a common platform, both perceived and real; “In pursuit of excellence.” Consequently the need for innovation and new technology is a reality, with winemakers driven to achieve a competitive advantage and ever more intimate relationships with consumers. Enter the Magnum 675, inspired by Natural Selection Theory and made by master craftsman, Phillip Sedgman; a profound nexus of the old world and the new and a compelling opportunity to consolidate and create new customer relationships.