February 2016

Tom Shobbrook

It was whilst Tom and John (of Winemakers Club fame) met working for Sean O'Callaghan that The Winemakers Club was truly formed. After an inspirational six years of wine tasting around Europe they agreed that the best distribution of skill was for Tom to make wine and John to sell it. Tom returned to Australia in 2007 to focus on biodynamic farming and working the winery with a light touch. The results speak for themselves, with largely unsulphured, completely unfined and unfiltered wines winning great acclaim. Internationally lauded, from Alice Feiring in New York to Jancis Robinson and Jamie Goode [...]

Aussie Awesomesauce

Anton van Klopper AKA Domaine Lucci has vineyards in the Basket Range in the Adelaide Hills and buys grapes from friendly growers. 2015 transpired not to be a vintage for whites, but it did yield the raw materials for 50 shades of… vin gris. Despite the mad professor act, these are sane and rational wines. ‘Gris Blanc’ is saignée Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc in ceramic egg and 500-litre oak, whilst ‘Gris Gris’ Pinot Gris (pay attention, I shall ask questions later) is a saignée of Pinot Gris – purely in egg. ‘Pinot Gris Chardonnay’ is another variation on a [...]

An Intense but Satisfying Week

One reason among many that this winery is so rad is that Steve is not afraid to experiment. One example of this would be using an “amphora” or ceramic egg tank that we have to ferment a blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, on the skins! For those who are not aware, white grapes are not usually fermented on the skins like red. They are typically brought in, cold soaked for a couple days and pressed, or pressed off immediately. This is done for a number of reasons, but the point is that he pushes traditional thought and tries things, [...]

Thinking Drinking

There is a wave of change washing over Martinborough, and Lance Redgwell of Cambridge Road Vineyard is surfing the crest. After crossing the globe working in vineyards, sailing, and building ships, Lance found his way back to New Zealand and settled in Martinborough to start making wines his own way. He clearly respects the history around him: Martinborough is the original hotbed of New Zealand pinot noir steeped in over 4o years of winemaking history. As one of the older regions in New Zealand, the quiet streets of Martinborough swirl in a mist of history, tales, and legends. The infamous [...]

The Wine Wankers

Yangarra – McLaren Vale’s ‘it’ winery of the moment When James Halliday recently gave seven 2012 Yangarra Estate wines ratings between 94 and 97 points, Australia took notice and Yangarra’s phone wouldn’t stop ringing!  Such endorsement is very high praise for such a new winery. But that’s only half the fun.  Winemaker Peter Fraser is now using big ceramic eggs fermenters to really twist things up, making unconventional wines to really assault the senses. One of the most impressive aspects of winemaking here is the mechanical sorting bench; and it’s the only one in all of McLaren Vale. “So what?”, [...]

Independent Wine Monthly NZ

Lance Redgwell On to Cambridge Road to meet owner/winemaker Lance Redgwell. Sitting in pride of place in the tiny winery was Cambridge Road’s ceramic egg, newly arrived from Byron Bay, and (prompted by us) Lance gave a rundown of what he thought the egg will contribute to his wines. At one point I did have to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming but actually listening to a winemaker speak.  I remain to be convinced that wines need to be ‘energised’ before bottling, but having tasted the eggless wines (2014 vintage will be the first time the egg is [...]

Magnum 675 Ceramic Egg

A great video featuring Phil Sedgman maker of the Magnums explaining it's finer points. This large ceramic egg is perhaps the largest living vessel in the world and is designed specifically for wine fermentation. The egg shape naturally encourages liquids to move in the lemniscate, or figure of eight, promoting continuous passive convection within, allowing developing wine to move and breathe inside, without stirring. The Magnum 675 is based on a design by Viktor Schauberger, naturalist, philosopher and visionary inventor, whose maxim was to "comprehend and copy nature." Phil Sedgman, CEO of Living Water Flowforms, introduces this egg technology from [...]

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