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Magnum43 Ceramic Wine “Egg”

The Magnum43 was original “egg” created in 1999 by Philip Sedgman.

The shape of the Amphora is derived mathematically from the Schauberger Hyperbolic cone by Callum Coats. This beautiful egg maintains the vitality of the contained wine or water and its finely tuned micro-porosity encourages subtle evaporation over the whole outer surface which aids temperature regulation and circulation through passive convection.

The Magnum 43 is so named for its 43 litre capacity and is supplied with a removable ceramic base.

All fixtures are food grade and the 102mm top opening is capped with cork and can be sealed with beeswax.

The top opening also allows for secure placement of the airlock and thermometer.

Grateful thanks to Ceramicist, Mark Warren for his assistance in developing the mix for this beautiful stoneware vessel.

  • 100% Earthware, slip cast ceramic retains neutrality during fermentation.
  • Firing at 1260 C, ensures optimal wall strength v surface micro porosity.
  • Ovoid shape creates a obstacle free “infinite” wall which allows the ferment to settle into a gently moving torus vortex within.
  • Robust tripod base is also slip cast and allows ease of access to lower extraction tap.
  • Stainless spigot and gold plated ABS.
  • Fitted natural cork top enclosure can be supplemented with beeswax for a perfect seal.
  • 7mm wall thickness for optimal micro-porosity & passive temperature regulation.
clay wine fermentation vessel including timber base

The Magnum43, a bulk dispenser or for micro batch winemaking

clay wine fermentation vessel including timber base


Feature Metric
Volume 43 litres
Capacity (750ml bottles) 10 (approx)
Total Height 575mm
Diameter 410mm
Wall Thickness + – 7mm
Top Aperture (Intlet) 102mm Diameter
Bottom Drain Hole 12mm
Drain Fittings Stainless Steel Spigot & gold plated ABS
Total Weight + – 8kg


The lid is made to match the top aperture from 100% natural cork which serves a similar function to cork in a wine bottle.

However for the fermentation process, a perfect seal is achieved with the aid of beeswax and the airlock valve is attached through the centre of the cork lid.


  • 100% natural crafted cork lid.
  • Ease of access via with 105mm diameter top aperture.
  • Simple placement of Airlock Valve during wine fermentation.
  • Pure beeswax is used to create a perfect seal during wine fermentation.


As with the larger Magnum675 the tripod arched stand is designed with strength, aesthetic balance and convenience of access in mind.

The “egg” and integrated lower tap are orientated to align with the highest point of a particular arch, determined during the firing process.

The stand has also been recently modified to increase its vertical profile, slightly lifting the whole egg and providing more room for placement of cup or glass.