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Magnum675 Ceramic Wine “Egg”

Arguably the largest slip cast ceramic object ever made, structural integrity and micro porosity are retained in the 12mm thick walls. The iconic “egg” shape promotes passive convection within, allowing developing wine to “live and breathe”.

Carrying 675 litres of liquid, The Magnum 675 is ideally suited to large scale wine making.

  • 100% Earthen, slip cast ceramic retains neutrality during fermentation.
  • Firing at 1285 C, 42 hour ensures optimal wall strength v surface micro porosity.
  • Ovoid shape creates a obstacle free “infinite” wall which allows the ferment to settle into a gently moving torus vortex within.
  • Robust tripod base is also slip cast and allows ease of access to lower extraction cap. Lined with purpose cast, tapered silicone cushion pads.
  • All fittings are 316 stainless steel and supplied with BSP thread & end cap.
  • Purpose built sure fit ceramic lid allows top access with 50mm hole for airlock valve and integrated handle.
  • Registration marks on the lid, egg and tripod stand for perfect alignment.
clay wine fermentation vessel including timber base


clay wine fermentation vessel including timber base

Magnum675 Specifications

Dimensions are important, not just for aesthetic harmony, but also for “good posture”.

“Resting” with gravity the magnum675 exerts the bulk of its contents first into the stand; then into the ground while holding them safely centered upon a vertical axis

Feature Metric
Volume 675 litres
Capacity (750ml bottles) 900 (Including Must)
Total Height 1.7 metres
Diameter 1.05 metre
Wooden Base 1.05 x 1.05 metres
Top Aperture (Inlet) 360mm Diameter
Bottom Drain Hole 50mm
Drain Fittings 316 Stainless Steel Cap with silicone washer.
Total Weight (Including timber base) 180kg

Slip Cast Ceramic Perfect Seal Lid

Elegant design allows intuition to thrive and enhances simplicity of use.

Weight and tension provide a perfect seal that can be easily cleaned or changed.

The airlock valve is always in reach and the lids integrated handle can be lifted with one hand for direct inspection and adjustment of the precious contents.

  • 100% Stoneware, slip cast ceramic for consistent “neutral” fermentation.
  • Light enough to lift by one hand with integrated handle.
  • Integrated oval recess and 50mm hole allows ease of access and airlock valve attachment.
  • Custom made snug-fit silicone seal for perfect closure.
  • Permanent glaze registration marks for perfect alignment.

Egg & Stand Interface

The matching slip cast ceramic stand provides a perfect fit base upon which the fermentation “egg” can rest.

Between the two, for safe cushioning is a purpose cast tapered silicone pad which ensures accurate alignment of the vertical and horizontal axis as well as zero abrasion between the two elements.

Careful attention has been paid in crafting this element from neutral material, thereby ensuring minimal interruption to content flow and zero leeching.

Matching Ceramic Stand

The stand for the Magnum 675 has been designed foremost with strength in mind, ensuring that the precious contents of the “egg” are always kept securely in place.

The other essential function of the stand is to enable ease of access to the extraction cap situated at the base of the wine fermenter, while keeping interruption to airflow to a absolute minimum.

The geometry of the 3 arches provides the strength and their proportions have been carefully conceived with the wine maker’s process in mind for ease of access.

Each of the three arches also provide minimal interruption to airflow and therefore to the temperature differential which leads ultimately to passive convection of the “egg’s” precious contents.

The tri-arch stand is always kiln fired together with each “egg” to ensure a perfect match.

ceramic wine fermenter matching ceramic stand

Extraction Valve

The Magnum 675 comes standard with a 50mm 316 stainless steel spigot, cap and silicone washer.

This extraction point is used primarily after fermentation to remove must and excess wine and during cleaning to flush any excess residue.

Special attention has been placed on positioning of the extraction cap ensuring ease of access from below.

Between the Stand and the Timber Base

Additional security is provided between the ceramic stand and the standard timber pallet.

The purpose of the timber base is to provide easy of delivery and re-positioning in the cellar.

It also serves to aid locking of the “lid” to form an air tight seal. Straps that are affixed to 4 of 8 x 150mm Galvanised Eye bolts on each corner of the base are placed over the lid and tensioned until a perfect seal is achieved.

Since the Magnum is a rigid, slip cast ceramic structure, additional flex is required to allow for appropriate tensioning. This additional flex is achieved by means of 12mm compression cork & 40mm rot proof HDPE feet, purposely fitted between the base and the timber pallet.