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Filled with wine, water, juice, oil or any precious liquid, the Magnum 14 keeps it fresh and ready to use.

Hand crafted in slip cast ceramic by Master Craftsman, Phil Sedgman in his Byron Bay studio, and like it’s larger counterparts, the shape of Magnum 14 is inspired by Callum Coats and his work with the proportional dynamics of the hyperbolic cone.

The Magnum 14 comes complete with all fittings required for seamless use and is held high by a  branded, laser cut stand.

  • 100% Stoneware, slip cast ceramic retains neutrality of the precious liquid within.
  • Kiln Fired slip cast ceramic  (1260 C), ensures optimal wall strength.
  • Ovoid shape creates a obstacle free “infinite” wall which allows the liquid to settle into a gently moving torus vortex within.
  • Robust laser cut steel tripod base is also slip cast and allows ease of access to lower extraction tap.
  • Stainless spigot and gold plated ABS tap.
  • Fitted natural cork top enclosure can be supplemented with beeswax for a perfect seal.


Call: 02 6685 5417 to order.

clay wine fermentation vessel including timber base

Out of the box, this is how your Magnum14 will appear.

Magnum14 Specifications

Dimensions are important, not just for aesthetic harmony, but also for “good posture”.

“Resting” with gravity the magnum14 pushes the bulk of its contents first into the stand; then into the ground while holding them safely centered upon a vertical axis

Feature Metric
Volume 14 litres
Fermentation Capacity (750ml bottles) 18 (Including Must)
Total Height 680 mm
Egg Diameter 280mm
Stand W: 300mm H: 390mm
Top Aperture (Inlet) 65mm Diameter
Bottom Drain Hole 20mm
Drain Fittings Stainless Steel Spigot & gold plated ABS
Total Weight (Including timber base) 10kg


Call: 02 6685 5417 to order.


Elegant design allows intuition to thrive and enhances simplicity of use.

The lid is made to match the top aperture from 100% natural cork which serves a similar function to cork in a wine bottle. This keeps the contents safe from external contaminants while allow easy access for refilling.

If used for wine fermentation, a perfect seal is achieved with the aid of beeswax and the airlock valve is attached through the centre of the cork lid.

  • 100% natural crafted cork lid.
  • Ease of access via with 65mm diameter top aperture.
  • Simple placement of Airlock Valve during wine fermentation.
  • Pure beeswax is used to create a perfect seal during wine fermentation.
  • Integrated entry “lip” for better seal


Call: 02 6685 5417 to order.

2 Part Custom Laser-cut Steel Stand

The stand of the Magnum14 has been design with flexibility, practicality and aesthetic appeal in mind.

The two parts are shipped flat and easily lock together on assembly forming a robust base that’s been tested to hold both the “egg” and it’s precious contents in place and ready for use.

The finish is in stainless steel, however additional options of “Rust” and “Industrial Black” are available on request.

Custom laser cutting designs are also available on request.

(Plus Delivery)


Call: 02 6685 5417 to order.