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Main & Cherry is a family owned vineyard in Adelaide Hills dedicated to making authentic, small-batch wines.

Main & Cherry vineyards are nestled on the corner of Main & Cherry Gardens roads, at Cherry Gardens, in a warm pocket of the Adelaide Hills. Mike Sexton is the vigneron and winemaker for Main & Cherry. His curiosity in wine began as a young boy while trying his Dad’s Mateus around the Sunday lunch table. The playful Rosé lit a spark and Mike’s journey into the world of wine had begun.

From the soil up, winemaker Michael aims to best express the individuality and charm of his vineyard’s grapes, site and season. Nature handles the big things, whilst he gently guides it along, and loves every step of the way.

Michael uses the Magnum675 ceramic vessel in the maturation process.

We asked Michael for his opinion on Magnum 675 litre ceramic vessels incomparison to oak and steel.

We haven’t yet used our Magnum egg for fermentation – but instead have used it for maturation. For 2013, we matured some Sangiovese in the egg and a larger volume of the same wine in
older oak for about 10 months…

We’ve been comparing the results along the way, and will end up blending the two parcels together, but the difference with the Magnum has been remarkable. The Magnum has changed the tannin structure – it provides more elegance – it definitely shows a different texture and finer minerality compared to oak. We don’t use steel as it doesn’t fit with the overall nature of our winemaking.

When asked why winemakers should consider using Magnum, Michael replied:

It is a fantastic vessel for maturation and gives us more options at blending time to create balanced, bright and elegant wines.
We were looking for a porous structure that didn’t impart the characteristics of oak but still gave positive maturation.

As a vessel to use for blending, it’s fantastic, the final product is not overly oaked.

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