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Aromatic pinot noir crafted in clay amphora.

Living wine relying on ancient knowledge and intuition.
Energetic wine of expressive character and lo-fi technique. Domaine Simha Amphorae wines are crafted in white clay fermentation vessels. Derived from the cosmic golden ratio, the ovoid shape promotes a gentle passive convection current. Wine is energised by constant motion and naturally maintains a stable temperature. Micro porosity allows wine to breathe and evolve over time. Intricate geometric patterned Amphorae labels reference the exquisite architectural beauty of jali screens carved in stone.

Beautiful vista, dappled sunlight in a valley of ferns.
Viola, evergreen, bramble berry, petrichor, clouds of butterflies.

Cool climate single vineyard origin: Derwent Valley Tasmania 42.6°S
Handpicked on a flower day after the harvest moon
Wild ferment in clay amphora 90 days on skins, matured 6 months sur lie
Basket pressed, bottled unfined and unfiltered with perfect natural balance.