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There is a wave of change washing over Martinborough, and Lance Redgwell of Cambridge Road Vineyard is surfing the crest. After crossing the globe working in vineyards, sailing, and building ships, Lance found his way back to New Zealand and settled in Martinborough to start making wines his own way.

He clearly respects the history around him: Martinborough is the original hotbed of New Zealand pinot noir steeped in over 4o years of winemaking history. As one of the older regions in New Zealand, the quiet streets of Martinborough swirl in a mist of history, tales, and legends. The infamous Abel clone laid down roots here. The original properties of Ata Rangi and Dry River are close by. Over decades, vines have adapted to the local microclimates and viticulturalists have better data on rootstocks and clones than they once did. Lance’s place includes some of the most historic blocks in New Zealand dating back to 1986. In fact, Martinborough as a region has just begun to settle out in global terms– it’s no longer a flurry of exciting vineyards going in with uncertainty. Though there is still plenty off room for exploration, today we can identify regional style and winemaking techniques, and clearly talk about what Martinborough wine is all about. But Lance didn’t come to fit into this cookie-cutter vision of Martinborough. He’s here to show us what else can be done on these terraces.